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  • Cant Afford a Flight Simulator?

    SynFlyt offer a Zero Cost Placement Model and an ongoing commission structure for flight schools. We also provide full technical support and maintenance with placement.

  • Have Nowhere to Place a Simulator?

    As well as having a compact footprint, SynFlyt’s Innovation 21™ Simulator is the only flight simulator that can be located outdoors or indoors, for 24/7 access.

  • Need the Flight Simulator to Integrate with your Training Syllabus?

    As a Category B Synthetic Flight Training Device, SynFlyt allows students to safely log a large percentage of the required hours and these can contribute to competency standards across Aviation Safety Authority standards.

Awards & Media

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“Magnificent, realistic flying experience!”

“Magnificent, realistic flying experience!”

"I really felt like I was flying for the last hour and a half, the motion was very similar to the real thing, even now after stepping out its like stepping out of an aircraft after an actual flight. The realism that the visuals show is absolutely incredible. When I first saw the simulator at Avalon this year, I was intrigued by the size and shape. I’m not surprised at how effective and immersive it is. The entire experience is... »READ MORE

— The OzPilot, Daniel

“It is a masterpiece of innovation, creativity and engineering…”

“It is a masterpiece of innovation, creativity and engineering…”

  "SynFlyt has developed the worlds first compact and affordable flight motion simulator for pilot training that is different from any other products in the market. It is a masterpiece of innovation, creativity and engineering. The simulator employs the latest state of the art technology currently available in the market. Many of mechanical components, such as gears, instrumentation panels, levers, including printed circuit boards, are 3D printed. All electronics is developed and assembled in house, using the most powerful processors and fiber... »READ MORE

— Dr. Branislav Hredzak, BSc/MSc, PhD, SMIEEE