About Us


SynFlyt has created the world’s first outdoor, high tech yet affordable, 3DOF (Degrees of Freedom) flight motion simulator for pilot training schools, large and small.

For students and pilots, cutting-edge SynFlyt’s Innovation 21TM SFTD (Synthetic Flight Training Device) simulators provide safe, convenient, immersive training that is fully integrated with the CASA syllabus.

SynFlyt’s award-winning Innovation 21TM simulator has innovative, premium and customisable features:

  • The lightweight but weatherproof spherical pod has the smallest simulator footprint, and can be located outdoors for 24/7 access.
  • The 210˚ screen displays realistic 3D terrain based on high-resolution satellite imagery, including any runway in the world, thanks to our partnership with DigitalGlobe.
  • Any light commercial or military cockpit configuration can be installed to suit your training requirements.
  • 3DOF motion and control force feedback faithfully create the sensations of flight.
  • All weather conditions can be simulated in complete safety.
  • It’s the first flight motion simulator to be fully integrated with the Internet: users have online access to recordings and reports for performance feedback, and trainers can set exercises remotely.
  • It is a Category B SFTD accommodating two people.

For flight schools, we offer zero-cost placement and an ongoing share of profits, with full technical support and maintenance included.

For trainees, SynFlyt’s Innovation 21TM is far more cost-effective than any other flight motion simulator.


Ross Maclennan has a background in electronics design and manufacturing and gained his pilot’s licence in 1998. After many years’ experience in creating 3D animated training materials, in 2008 Ross combined his interests to form a new ambition: to produce a motion simulator that would be accessible and affordable for all flight schools and trainees, through innovative design utilising the latest materials and technologies.