About Us


SynFlyt is an award-winning flight simulator manufacturer, established to support the growth in the aviation pilot training sector for both Australian and international markets.

Priding ourselves in engineering excellence, SynFlyt’s mission is to increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of flight training.

The Innovation 21™ Simulator was conceived, formulated and created to essentially develop a training environment that could reproduce as closely as possible a real-world cockpit experience, all whilst providing an effective solution that would remove the barriers often identified by General Aviation Training Organisations; namely the lack of space, facilities and financial resources.

Coming up ten years since the initial conception and with the company founded in 2011, SynFlyt commenced production for flight school placement November 2017.

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Ross Maclennan, the innovator behind the Innovation 21™ Simulator concept and the CEO and Managing Director of SynFlyt Pty Ltd.

Ross is a multi-talented electronics engineer, pilot (PPL) and musician who comes from a background of building the firsts of many.

With his extensive experience in creating 3D animated training materials, in 2008 Ross combined his interests to form a new ambition; to produce a motion simulator that would be accessible and affordable for all flight schools and trainees, through innovative design utilising the latest materials and technologies.

Excited for the future of SynFlyt, Ross looks forward to seeing the brand, team and simulator footprint grow and in effect positively contributing to the future of effective flight training.