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SynFlyt offer the epitome of a simulated aircraft to the General Aviation Industry


The Innovation 21™ Simulator provides an outstanding level of training value to flying schools and students alike, with a Zero Cost Placement Model (ZCPM) and low hourly rate allowing Flying Schools to improve the quality and quantity of pilot training.

We appreciate how expensive it can be to outlay the expense of having to purchase a Synthetic Flight Training Device (SFTD); the ZCPM is a cost effective solution assisting with increasing flight instructor utilisation and aiding the forecast pilot training demand.


Benefits to Flight Schools


Under a Placement Agreement, flying schools will have unrestricted use of the Innovation 21™ Simulator(s) at their academy location.

A SFTD training facility benefits a Flying School operator and its customers in the following ways:

  • Provides a training resource to student and licensed pilots.
  • The Innovation 21™ Simulator can be fitted with any general aviation cockpit, including single and multi-  engine light aircraft, single-engine jets and gliders.
  • Allows students an opportunity to gain accredited hours towards their license using the SFTD.
  • Increases Operator  revenue while offering state of the art training facilities at zero cost.
  • Allows instructors to offer and value add their services by including SFTD hours in training programs.
  • Offers a branded training portal for their student and licensed pilots.
  • Provides a fully integrated and managed e-commerce gateway solution to manage revenue.
  • Provides a fully accessible back-end management system that allows monitoring and report generation.
  • Provides regular remotely installed technology updates, secure backup and storage.
  • Provides opportunities to offer additional services and products to your clients, in addition to flight training.
  • The ZCPM eliminates upfront outlay of purchasing a flight simulator.
  • Eliminates upfront maintenance and or support costs.


Innovation 21™ Features

For further technical detail and specifications on the Innovation 21™ Simulator, download the SynFlyt Brochure below:

Return on Investment for Flight Schools

Simulator Placement Contracts have a minimum hourly target commitment averaging across a calendar month.

With an opportunity for flight schools to earn commission, add value and promote an effective flight training device, SynFlyt provide a structure that rewards; with the more hours achieved the commission structure grows.


SynFlyt’s Trial Offer

We appreciate some may want to experience the simulator prior to placement and we encourage it!

Please arrange for a suitable time to visit the SynFlyt Head Office and Factory by submitting an expression of interest via the contact form today


Military applications

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