Students & Pilots

For pilots and students, SynFlyt’s world-leading Innovation 21TM SFTD (Synthetic Flight Training Device) 3DOF (Degrees of Freedom) flight motion simulators provide safe, convenient and immersive training that is extremely cost-effective, with innovative, premium and customisable features:

Photo-real terrain on a 210˚ screen

Most flight simulators use computer generated imagery. SynFlyt’s Innovation 21TM is the first to use high-resolution satellite photographs, enhanced with correct elevations, to create 3D terrain with superior realism on our seamless, wrap-around screen.

Any cockpit configuration

Synflyt’s Innovation 21TM can be fitted with any general aviation cockpit, including single and multi-engine light aircraft, single-engine jets and gliders. The cockpit configuration can be adapted as often as required

Three degrees of motion freedom

Pitch, roll and yaw: our spherical motion simulator does it all, so users experience the real sensations and challenges of flight.

All weather conditions

In complete safety, users train in fair or foul weather: thunderstorms, wind, rain, sleet and ice are all possible with SynFlyt’s meteorological system.

Control force feedback

Users feel the effects of changes in dynamic pressure on the cockpit controls, just as in flight.

Any runway in the world

Thanks to the global coverage of our partner DigitalGlobe’s satellite imagery, SynFlyt can provide training on any runway in existence. We’ll customise the available range of runways according to your flight school’s selections.

Online access to recordings and reports

SynFlyt’s online portal provides secure and simple access to training data for performance feedback. Log in to set flight plans and weather conditions, playback flights in real or compressed time, and check multiple measures of success.

Integrated with CASA’s syllabus

As a Category B SFTD, SynFlyt’s Innovation 21TM allows students to safely log a large percentage of the required training hours, and achieve competency standards across the CASA curriculum.

Convenient 24/7 access

SynFlyt is the only flight simulator that can be located outdoors, for 24/7 access, so you can train at a time that fits your schedule. For peace-of-mind security, entry is via fingerprint recognition.

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