Students & Pilots

SynFlyt’s mission is to significantly increase the effectiveness, and reduce the cost of flight training


With an appreciation of how expensive pilot training can be, we support pilots and flight schools alike with the cost-effective, high fidelity, three degrees of freedom flight simulators.

Innovation 21™ Simulators are an immersive, accessible and an efficient Synthetic Flight Training Device (SFTD).


So what is the value for you as a trainee or experienced pilot?


  • Cost-effective with a low hourly rate, saving you time and money in achieving your license.
  • Safe to practice and refine general flying, navigation and instrument skills.
  • Improve technique with online access to training data and performance feedback.
  • The Innovation 21™ Simulator performs as a seriously effective, flight training device.
  • Satellite imagery on the 210 degree, wrap around screen, provides a realistic, seamless, visual flying experience.
  • Accessible and convenient for round the clock flight training.
  • Flight Training practice in the simulator can reduce your required time in the air and contribute to your pilot license requirements.


Innovation 21™ features

For further technical detail and specifications on the Innovation 21™ Simulator, download the SynFlyt Brochure below:

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